Eyasses & Dandelions


Before summer's rise to autumn's fall and now throughout our winter's tale...

In May we begin

and so we may begin...


If I take you to a place…

In a big city park

in a glade…

in a meadow for sheep


and if I tell you there are eyasses there

would you believe me?


well, would you?


And if I ask you once, “Have you ever seen one?”


Or I ask you twice, “Have you ever seen two?”


Would you look very close and reply, “Why, of course!”


Would you say, “Yes, I have!”

Or, “Of course! Yes, I did!!”

Or would you simply reply, “Yes, I do!!!”


Well, I never had…

And I never did see an eyass before

But here in a glade…

in a meadow for sheep…


Two baby eyasses



My Magic

It's a Story about Kaze (Ka-Zay) the Wind & Sora (So-Ra) the Sky

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