$385 Make Up & Hair

$250 Make Up only

$200-$250 Hair only

Consultation: I take time with you listening to how you may feel about your own beauty and addressing any concerns you may have with how you look now to how you wish to look on your wedding day....

Trial: "2 looks" are the industry standard, however there is nothing magical about any particular number, nor any particular look...we will discover the magical combination that you are completely happy with.

* Eyebrow Treatment Included

* Eyelash Service: Tamami's Natural-Look Signature Individual Eyelash Technique

* Make Up & Hair Tips Specifically For You


Chapter 2: WEDDING DAY *Your Groom's grooming included*

$550 -$600 Make Up & Hair

$350 Make Up only

$350 Hair only

*Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride*

$350 Make Up & Hair

$200 Make Up only

$150 -$200 Hair only


Chapter 3: On your wedding day

it's another chapter where it's still all about you and your husband and your memories forever. This above all is what my service is about. Wedding days can be the ultimate show of love and happiness surrounding a bride from her family and friends as she prepares, however this happiness and love can be quite overwhelming to a bride preparing. Navigating you easily through these moments  as we prepare in a relaxed confidence is what I pride myself on.


Chapter 4: And after the wedding

 your story continues with tips and a face chart I've prepared to help you continue on your own with confidence adding positive energy, rejuvenation and self esteem to your own daily make up routine


                                                                                            Chapter 5:

Any Make Up and/or Hair Services for You and/or Your Family Will Be at my "never ending story" rates...


Chapter 6: Never Ends...

 because that is Your New Married Life and That's A Story Only You Can Tell...

And I can't wait to hear it



it's a story. . .

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Your bridal beauty story begins step by step...

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with best wishes



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